Privacy & Security

We process and secure your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can find out all about our privacy policy on this page.

You decide

Let’s start with the important part; your personal data belongs to you. That includes the data you share with us. This means you can ask us to delete, rectify and transfer your data, and to provide you with access to your data. You can also ask us to limit the processing of your data, and you can object against processing. Send an email with your request to and we will deal with your request. Please feel free to mail any questions, advice and complaints to this address. In addition, you always have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You are never required to share your personal data with Springest.

Who is responsible for your data?

When you share your personal data with us via the Springest platform, we are responsible for it. We process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In terms of GDPR: we are the Controller of your data.

How do we handle your personal data?

We only process personal data if we have a justified reason, in other words, if we have a legitimate basis within the meaning of the GDPR. Usually this legitimate basis is to carry out an assignment. So if you fill in a contact form, we will use your data to contact you. If you request a brochure, or if you apply for a course, we will share your data with the provider in question, so that your application can be processed. We do not share your data with other parties without your permission.

We also share your data with Studytube, owner of Springest since february 2022. Together we can offer you optimal service when using our platform. Furthermore, we store your data for our own operations and administration. This enables you to use all the functionalities of our site, and gives you access to your own requests for information and applications. This way we can offer you the best and most personalised user experience. In some cases, we also process your data based on your permission, for example when you write a review. We can use or publish your review, or part of it, on our website. It can also be included in our emails to other users and be shared with our review partners. Your review can also be posted on the learning platforms of Springest and Studytube business customers.

Finally, we collect analytical data to determine how our visitors reached Springest, or to measure the effectiveness of advertisements. These data are collected on an aggregated level, and are not visible on individual level. When we collect these analytical data, we do not store personal data. We will store your IP-address only for technical reasons, such as detecting problems on the site and to prevent misuse.

We never store more personal data than necessary for the purpose for which these data have been collected, and we save your data in your account as long as it is active. You decide when you close your account. When you close it, we delete all your personal data from our systems.


If you share an experience and confirm it through LinkedIn, your LinkedIn profile photo will appear with your review, and your review will link to your LinkedIn profile.

Processing abroad

Springest uses Software as a Service (SaS) providers to help us perform our work. In a number of cases this concerns companies that are established outside the EU. In our contracts with parties based outside the EU, we ensure that the latest Standard Contractual Clauses are added and we ensure that these clauses can also be complied with in practice. In this way we ensure that your data has the same protection as in the EU. Below you can see exactly which tools process data abroad.

Springest tools that process data outside the EER

Amazon Web Services
Our servers are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is an American company, but the servers are located in the EU.

Help Scout
Help Scout is our CRM system. We use it for our customer service, to email you if you have any questions. Your email address and data related to it, such as your name and surname, are stored by HelpScout. HelpScout is an American company.

Jotform is a tool that builds some of the forms with which we ask you for feedback, for example. You can optionally provide your telephone number and email address, so that we can contact you if necessary. Jotform is an American company, with servers in the EU.

We use Sendgrid for delivering emails, for example after the creation of your account or after making a booking request. Sendgrid is an American company.


We use temporary cookies, including technical, functional, analytical and commercial cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on the hard drive of the computer. These cookies do not contain personal data and are only used to improve the use of the website. Our cookies insure for example that:

  • you stay logged in to My Springest;
  • the courses you viewed and saved and your lists will be stored;
  • you may write a review;
  • improvements to our website can be tested and measured (for more information on this, please read the privacy policy of Mixpanel, Google Analytics and New Relic);
  • recommendations are relevant to you, based on earlier requests;
  • you can contact us through our chat or directly visit our helpdesk (for more information on this, read the privacy explanation from Intercom).

Many cookies of Springest disappear when you close the browser. Some cookies stay stored for a few days, others for a few years. You can remove them yourself via your browser at any time.

Other technologies

Our website also uses other technologies with a similar functionality to cookies, such as web beacons and tracking URL’s. We may use these technologies in our messages to you, so that we can determine if the message was read or a link was opened.

Are you a provider at Springest?

As a supplier of learning products on Springest, it may also happen that you share personal data with us, for example if you own an account or if you assign employees profiles to users. We process this personal data to provide access to the Springest Admin, to provide support, to keep you informed of news and developments, to keep a financial administration and to guarantee a safe and optimally functioning system.

The retention period of personal data in your user account is linked to the provider account of which they are part. If you delete your provider account, we will save your personal information so that you still have access to the Admin. If you want us to delete that data immediately, you can ask us.

With regard to your personal data, all articles of the GDPR apply. This means you have the right to request us to delete, correct, transfer or view your data. You can object to the processing of your data, or you can request that the processing be limited. Send your request or objection to You can submit complaints about the processing of your data to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


If you provide us with your personal data, it is our responsibility to store these safely. We accomplish this in several different ways, but first of all it is good to know that Springest is ISO 27001 certified. This means that we comply with certain requirements concerning Information Security and that we have an Information Security Management System. You can rest assured that your data is secure with us. The following contains some of the most important measures we have taken:

  • Secured connection Springest can only be reached via an SSL secured connection. That means that all data is sent encrypted, and cannot be read be third parties. Passwords are also encrypted, meaning that neither we nor others are able to uncover them.
  • Secured internal infrastructure After data has been sent from the user to Springest, the data enter the Springer server network. This is being hosted by Amazon Web Services, the most renowned web hosting provider and very experienced in the field of security. Within that network, all connections are SSL encrypted as well. Also, this internal network is not externally accessible. Furthermore, our own servers can only access the data they need for their specific tasks. This means that a test or email server cannot access data that is required for the live website. See also: Amazon Web Services Security Center.
  • Data storage within the EU All Springest servers are physically located within the EU. For more information on European law and Springest security, please go to: Amazon Web Services EU Data Protection FAQ.
  • Encrypted database hard drives The hard drives on which the databases and personal data are stored are also encrypted. To decrypt the database data, an encryption key is required which is only stored on our servers in the secured network. The data in the databases cannot be read without that key.
  • ISO 27001 We use strict safety procedures to prevent action such as unauthorised access to personal data. All these procedures are part of our ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.
  • Privacy Officer

    To ensure privacy is given all the attention it deserves, Springest has appointed a Privacy Protector. If you have any questions after reading this policy, if you require additional information, or if you are interested in our internal privacy policy, you can contact our Privacy Protector via We will answer your questions as quickly and as clearly as possible.

    This policy was updated on September 28, 2021.

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