MBA - but weak maths

Asked by fahad bashir
What do you want to learn, change or accomplish?

I want to be a successful Entrepreneur in future. I'm currently doing BBA . But , Unfortunately my math is a bit weak . I don't understand that subject easily and that's the reason I get low marks in that subject otherwise I'm having a great control over other subjects . So , I would like to know which course would suit me best keeping in mind I'm weak in maths ? Your support will be highly appreciated :)

Why are you interested in this?

I want to settle down abroad and want to make my own image there . My father is a business man and runs two factories in a valley . But , I don't want to enjoy my life on the bases of my father's money . I want to work for myself I want to work hard and make myself proud for what I'm doing . :)

How do you want the course or program to be set up?

I want a course that would suit best to me . I would like to do my mba from Europe or New Zealand . My budget would be around 8 lakes to 9 lakes approx !!

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