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How does Springest rank search results?

Springest helps you find and compare the best courses and training. On this page we provide you with information about how our search results are established. The ranking of the search results on Springest is completely determined by algorithms. The following parameters are relevant to the algorithms:

  • The completeness of the information: the more complete the information is about the education and training offered, the higher it is in the ranking. By information we mean, for example: have concrete start dates been entered?
  • The experiences of (former) participants: the more and higher the ratings, the higher the training or trainer ranks.
  • The registration options for a course or training. If you can register directly for the education or training or if you can request information, the education or training will be ranked higher.
  • Relevance: the better the description of the study program or training matches your search query, the higher it will rank.
  • Findability: if the subject of the education or training appears in the title, it will appear higher in the ranking when the subject concerned is searched.

  • The extent to which these parameters affect the ranking can vary per search query. The relative importance of the parameters to each other is automatically adjusted based on the potential results, so the exact weighting of each parameter cannot be accurately represented.
    Providers on Springest cannot directly influence the ranking of the search results through payment. However, courses or training courses for which a direct registration or requesting information via Springest is possible, will be ranked higher than a training course that lacks these options. These are services for which the provider pays Springest.

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