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609 MBA (Master of Business Administration) Training Courses

See also: Business Administration, Business Management, Leadership, Management Skills, Retail (Management), English (FCE / CAE / CPE), and Startup.

See also: Business Administration, Business Management, and Leadership.


Executive MBA

Logo TIAS School for Business and Society

Geef richting aan je carrière en haal je Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Als senior of executive manager is een flinke d…


Flexible Evening MBA - Atlanta

Logo Eugene W. Stetson School of Business and Economics

Mercer’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in Atlanta offers a truly flexible format; allowing students to work and study on …


Master of Business Administration (60 ECTS)

Logo IU International University of Applied Sciences

Start je Online MBA - Als je professionele ervaring hebt in je sector en op zoek bent naar een diploma dat je naar nieuwe functies, verantw…


Accelerated MBA in Real Estate

Logo University of Miami School of Business Administration

Program Begins May The University of Miami School of Business Administration offers a new accelerated MBA program with a concentration in r…


Online MBA

Logo School of Management New Jersey Institute of Technology

Every business runs on technology. At New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), we recognize that technology maximizes business potential …


Healthcare MBA

Logo Massey Graduate School of Business Belmont University

The MBA for Healthcare Professionals (HCMBA) program is a new program offering designed “by healthcare professionals for healthcare profess…


MBA for Working Professionals /MS in Industrial Engineering

Logo University of Miami School of Business Administration

Students who earned an undergraduate degree in engineering have the opportunity to earn a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineerin…


MBA/Pharm D.

Logo VCU School of Business

About Doctor of Pharmacy students at VCU have the unique opportunity to pursue the Master of Business Administration program simultaneously…


MBA/MS in Information Systems

Logo VCU School of Business

About The dual MBA/MS information systems degree program provides students the opportunity to complete both master's level degree programs s…


Two-Year MBA

Logo Goizueta Business School

Designed with a unique curriculum structure, Goizueta's Two-Year MBA allows students to build a solid foundation of skills by completing al…


MBA for Executives

Logo Yale School of Management

The Yale MBA provides skills, knowledge, and the ability to lead in the face of complexity. The MBA for Executives: Leadership in Healthcar…


Distance Learning MBA (Latin America)

Logo Thunderbird School of Global Management

Gain a comprehensive education in global business from a Latin American perspective with Thunderbird’s unique Distance Learning Global MBA …


Executive MBA

Logo Sellinger School of Business and Management Loyola University Maryland

To position you for even greater success, we structured an effective and efficient cohort-based program that brings together talented profe…


MBA Program

Logo The Belk College of Business

The UNC Charlotte MBA program offers an outstanding educational experience for aspiring managers and leaders. With a comprehensive course f…


Master of Business Administration

Logo Liberty University

Residential Program The residential Master of Business Administration Program at Liberty is designed for continuing education and working a…

Let us help you choosing the right course

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. People can only enter into this Masters degree programme after obtaining a Bachelors diploma. The MBA programme is typically a professional education for people with some years of working experience in the field of Business Administration or Business Economics. <!--stop-->

MBA or mBA?

Besides MBA, there is something known as mBA, which stands for Modern Business Administration. Courses in this area are mostly offered at senior secondary vocational level. So you might say: there is an MBA for everybody! The difference is of course, that after having followed an mBA course you might know a lot about accounting, but you are certainly not entitled to use the title MBA.

Jobs in the area of financial administration, business administration, or accounting are: Administration Staff Executive, Head of Administration, Finance Director, Business Economics Consultant and Accounting Consultant. Or perhaps you are interested in controlling, or wish to become an Assistant-Controller or a Controller. We also have a Decision Aid for those areas.

Other possible topics

Apart from the topics MBA or Controller our site also offers other topics that may be of interest to you. If you are seriously looking for an MBA-degree course, it might be useful to know that there is a special category for the Care sector and caring occupations. If you are not sure about your choice for an MBA-degree course, you may check out the possibilities offered under one of the related topics. Here, you may choose a training course in the area of Strategic Management, Financial Management, or Management Accounting.

MBA in 1 day?

At the left-hand side of the page you can filter your results. A good filter is Region. This will help you find a course close to you. You can also filter results on Price, Quality Mark or Type. With the Type filter you can select your preference for having a course take place at your offices (Incompany) or for following a programme at an educational institute (Open Enrolment). OR you may opt for a distance learning course. But be aware of the efforts required. Nobody can obtain a Masters degree in a single day.

Right filter, right choice

Whatever topic you may choose, always ask yourself what your specific requirements are.
Do you know what level your course should have? Are there any time or budget constraints? If you choose a course close to home, you at least save on the costs and time of travelling. But you may also simply set a filter to a maximum amount. In one respect, finding a suitable course is just like accounting - everything must be exactly right. We hope that you find what you’re looking for.