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4 Agile Development Training Courses in Amsterdam

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Scaled Agile Framework 5.1: Leading SAFe

Logo Gladwell Academy (ENG)
2 guaranteed startdates
placeAt location: Monday 11 October 2021 in Gladwell Academy Amsterdam (region: Amsterdam) and 3 other dates

To be a successful organization in a disruptive marketplace, means embracing a Lean-Agile approach. The SAFe® framework is becoming the lea…

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Red Hat OpenShift I: Containers & Kubernetes DO180

Logo CLS Computertrainingen
Guaranteed start
placeMonday 17 January 2022 in Amsterdam and 14 other dates

Kubernetes quickly has become the de-facto standard to operate containerized applications at scale in the data-center. During the course Re…


End to end Scenario Driven Testing with Codecept.js

Logo OpenValue
placeAmsterdam and 2 other regions

Software testing is an important discipline in Agile development. It evaluates the functionality of software modules against the intended f…


How to do Java Modules and Java Frameworks: SpringBoot and Quarkus

Logo OpenValue
placeAmsterdam and 2 other regions

The Java Modules has been introduced as the result of the project Jigsaw in 2017 ( Java SE 9 release) Since that time a lot of important Jav…