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4 Animal Care Training Courses

See also: Healthcare, Healthcare Management, Veterinary Services, Biology, Marine Biology, Canine care, Equine, Animal Farming Management, Wildlife, and Dog Grooming.

See also: Healthcare, Healthcare Management, and Veterinary Services.


Animal Care Course Level 2

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Unit 1: History & Pet ownership Domestication Animals in the media Classification of animals Types of common pets Choosing the right pet Th…


Animal Care - Level 3 Course

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If you're an animal lover, and would like to learn more about the best and most effective ways to care for a wide range of animals, then th…


Exotic Animal Care Course Level 2

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Exotic Animal Care course: This home learning collegecourse in Exotic AnimalCare is a must for any student looking to move into caring or w…


Animal Care

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Do you want to be a responsible pet owner? Working in the pet care industry? Are you interested in teaching your children how they should l…

Let us help you choosing the right course

Not sure which course to pick? Please read on: Being responsible for an animal, i.e. your pet at home or an animal you work with professionally, is a lot of fun but also a challenge. Each animal species has different needs when it comes to their environment, feeding, grooming, training and their health.

An animal care course can teach you how to best address and fulfill these needs. For the purpose of learning as much as possible about your animal you can attend an animal care training which also brings you in contact with other pet owners, or register for an animal care distance learning course. <!--stop-->

When searching for a suitable animal care course in the UK, the large amount of offers might be confusing and make it difficult to choose for the right course. Springest provides you with a well structured overview of courses in animal care which you can easily filter based on reviews, price and location to start with.